Recently Iker Casillas has signed contract with Adidas. He says that he is very happy to enter the Adidas family. Since the beginning of his career, Iker’s official sponsor was Reebok. Casillas has spent eleven long years with Reebok. He explains that he enjoyed the company of Reebok family. Now it is time to change over. He explains that previously Reebok used to encourage with the particular sport of soccer. But recently, it seems that Reebok is not concentrating on this particular sport. On the other hand Adidas has been promoting this sport very well and it is quite impressive in this particular sport of soccer.

Iker Casillas said that his Reebok days were very memorable since he was attached to this family for eleven long years, since the beginning of his career. At present he is one of the leading goal keepers around the world. The Adidas franchise says that they are very glad that this particular sport star has signed with their brand. They believe that this goal keeper will play a great role as their brand ambassador.

Casillas has got a huge support and fan followings. A player who is so much popular around the world will definitely play a vital role as the brand ambassador of Adidas. His current performances are also very good. Since the Fifa Football World Cup of 2010, he has one become one of the most favorite goal keeper in the soccer world. He has been performing very well both in his national team of Spain and also in his club team Madrid.

When asked to Iker Casillas about this decision of joining Adidas camp, he explained that nowadays Adidas is doing very well to promote the particular sport of soccer round the world. So, from now this goal keeper will be entering the field with three stripes.