Former Spain coach Vincente del Bosque has revealed that he had a difficult relationship with Spain goalkeeper, Iker Casillas.

He said that the player had a problem with the staff after he has been replaced by David de Gea as the number one keeper. The coach said that the player did not have any problem with the players but only with the staff.

Vincente del Bosque stated that it appears that the player is not pleased with the decision that the staff took to demote him. He clearly showed some signs of anger and frustration. He said that Iker Casillas was okay with the other players, but he acted differently with other members of the staff.

Vincente del Bosque said that Iker Casillas had not done anything wrong. He stated that he had big respect for a player that has always given his best to the team. He believes that fans around the world should appreciate what Casillas has done for Spain, and it is unnecessary for the player to act this way. He said that Casillas had made more than 165 appearances for the national team, and it is not the few games that he has spent on the bench that will damage his reputation. He said that the player should be proud of his performance during his career.

Vincente del Bosque has stated that he is proud of what he has achieved with the Spain team and that it is high time for him to take his retirement. He said that he was not going to manage again and that he will be spending some time with his family. He believes that Spain has enough quality players to build another winning side and believes that the Spanish national team will be competitive for the next World Cup in Russia.