The only manager in the history of Real Madrid that has consistently dropped IkerCasillas from his 1st team was Jose Mourinho.

Throughout almost the entirety of the playing career of IkerCasillas, his time was spent with Real Madrid as the Spanish goal-keeper started playing at the age of 16 as he made his way through the youth academy and left the Santiago Bernabeuwhen he was 33 years old.

In the entire playing career of IkerCasillas as a player of Real Madrid, he has worked with over 10 managers and some of these more renowned coaches were: Vicente del Bosque, Carlos Queiros, Fabio Capello and Manuel Pellegrini just to name a few.

Every single one of these mentioned managers has highly-rated IkerCasillas and put the Spanish goal-keeper in their respective 1st team squads when they were in charge of Real Madrid.

It’s an entirely different story for Jose Mourinho as the Portuguese coach arrived to Real Madrid on May of 2010 and slowly began to drop IkerCasillas to the sidelines and it was one of the main reasons of why the Spanish shot-stopper eventually decided to leave Real Madrid and join Porto on July of 2015.

IkerCasillas has recently unveiled information concerning the relationship that he had with Jose Mourinho as the veteran player said: “At the beginning there was a lot of connection, we interacted a lot, but in the end, there wasn’t a very good feeling. It’s like a couple, at the beginning you are very much in love and then it is no longer enough Switzerland Football Fans.”

Even at the age of 35, IkerCasillas continues performing at a high level as he’s the undisputed goal-keeper of Porto as he continues to display his world-class talent even after having reached such an elevated age and if it had not been for Jose Mourinho, he might still be performing for Real Madrid.