Real Madrid is eager on refreshing some of the positions in the squad and one of those spots is the goal-keeping one which is currently being filled by IkerCasillas but the veteran shot-stopper is not expected to continue playing a starting role for a much longer time.

There is a list of potential players that could be signed by Real Madrid within the upcoming few seasons that can turn into the new stars of the Spanish club and one of these players is Manchester United’s David de Gea.

David de Gea is being hailed as one of the most promising players in Europe and Real Madrid are viewing him as the successor of IkerCasillas.

Real Madrid is probably the club that has spent more money than any other in Europe after having offloaded more than £200 million in signing James Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale.
When it comes to financial power, Real Madrid is at the top of the list along with PSG and Chelsea which are some of the other biggest spenders in Europe.

Real Madrid is willing to break the bank once again if they have to in order to sign another one of their targets and David de Gea is the player that is consistently being linked with a move to the Santiago Bernabeu but even if the young shot-stopper is signed, IkerCasillas has revealed that he would still like to stay at Real Madrid even if just as a substitute player.

The veteran goal-keeper IkerCasillas said: “I wish and hope and long to achieve the highest number of titles. I hope to fulfill my contract and a commitment that is signed has to be signed until the end. But I have to earn it and train myself for it. I will strive and I will fight for the position.’’
“Now I have reached an age and seen things in a different way. If I am not the starter I will have a commitment with the younger ones. Why wouldn’t I continue at Madrid if I am not the starting goalkeeper?”

IkerCasillas is fully dedicated with Real Madrid and even if just stays on the sidelines playing for a few matches in a season; he is willing to do it. It’s not every day that a player with the status and caliber as IkerCasillas decides to stay with a club even if it’s just as a back-up option