Mr. Jorge has laughed off the reported story that while being with a friend of his in Spain, he made the comment that his club should perhaps have not signed Casillas as he is pretty much responsible for how Porto has done in the Portugal League in the current season.

According to the business tycoon, he is hearing the name of his “friend” for the first time. He doesn’t know him and he has been told that the person mentioned is not even alive unfortunately and actually passed away some time back. So, it’s a baseless story that is made to circle around in the media.

The chief also revealed that he’s conveyed to the shot stopper’s agent that he would want his client to remain with the club and he would be interested in extending his contract by 12 months.

Mr. Jorge says he has not done so just to cover up this story which has come up, but, because he actually reckons Porto needs Casillas’ experience.

The original deal keeps Casillas with Porto for one more season and if, he agrees for the extension, it would elongate his stay up to 2018.

However, would he do that with this particular story being in the headlines all over in Spain? That is a big question.

He is a very self-respected personality, is Casillas, but, is pretty matured too and he has kept total silence regarding everything.

Talking about Porto, they have not won Portugal League for the last two seasons and they might not win it this season either with their present situation.

This is Porto’s worst run in the domestic circuit in many, many years. Before this, it had happened only in the eighties that they had gone three seasons consecutively without the domestic title.