Footballer Iker Casillas was known to undergo a test in the month of December for defining and determining whether he will be able to continue with his career in sports after he suffered from myocardial infarction. But he himself has revealed recently that he will have to take his decision to continue playing or hang up his boots in the month of March depending on the recommendations made by his doctors.

Iker has been one of the best archers across the world because of his brilliant performances for Real Madrid. He plays for the national football team of Spain and has got recognition there as well. In some years, he joined the club Porto of Portugal leaving the white house. He was at risk of continuing to play professional football after his injury. But he soon began to recover in normal procedures and that made the hopes of coming back and joining the game-high.

He said that he is absolutely fine after what happened 4 months back and he is recovering quite fast physically. Though the process of recovery is not slow, still the kind of medication that is necessary for this kind of situations can make anyone cautious, he explained. According to him, there are a lot of challenges that you need to face in your life and the most important thing is that he is enjoying the recovery process. After a slight recovery, Casillas visited the facilities of Pozuelo de Alarcon Football Club that he supports through the charitable organization that he has.

Right now, he has been assigned a new position within the Portuguese league club. He has been a position that will create a link between the coaching staff, the leaders and the squad. He was offered the position on a temporary basis until he gets recovered fully. He will have a medical check-up soon to see whether he is able to join the group again with his colleagues to return to his profession.